Why use a VPN to play on a PC?

You must preserve your privacy and security while playing on the Internet, as well as being able to bypass protection systems setup by webmasters. Running a VPN in the background will allow you to do all this and more.

In this article, I will present the advantages of using a VPN to play on a PC. 

Early availability of games 

An interesting and often overlooked advantage of using a VPN is the ability to download certain games and content updates before they are published in your country. Indeed, publishers generally stagger releases in various regions, starting with North America and Japan. 

If you don’t like queuing for no reason, a good VPN can help you get around this restriction and download a game as soon as it is available. To get a game before it is released in your region, change the virtual location of your VPN to a server in the output region. 

A better and less expensive regional availability 

Nowadays, everyone has instant access to shops and products from all over the world. You might think that the playing field is the same for players who buy games from other regions, but the truth is quite different. Indeed, regional locks prevent people from downloading games and packs daily. 

Prices also increase artificially, depending on your country of origin. If you don’t think it’s a fair deal, then use a VPN. VPNs have the ability to change locations virtually. 

By connecting to servers in various countries or regions, you can make it look like online games and markets that you have moved to another part of the world. It is the ideal solution if a game is banned in your area or only offers limited access. If you encounter a connection error, change your VPN server, reload, and start playing. 

Keep your identity secret 

Playing on the Internet also exposes you to the risk of identity theft. It can indeed happen that some players decide to take revenge and take your IP address, searching for your location, and doing a little social engineering to discover your real name. In no time at all, all your accounts on social networks can be bombarded with insults or even worse. 

All this because you have failed to keep your identity a secret. However, it should be remembered that having your identity compromised in a game is not that common. After all, the majority of players do not have the software or tools to do so. 

Increase speed limits and caps 

Players fear for their bandwidth or connection speed. It is well known that Internet service providers slow down users’ connections when they detect a large amount of traffic passing through their servers. 

That happens when you watch movies in streaming, download files via BitTorrent or when you play online games. The speed of your connection starts well but decreases slowly as the day progresses, and when that happens, you can do nothing, except sit back and stare at the charging screen for several minutes. 

VPNs offer an easy and fast way to bypass ISP bottlenecks. The encryption it incorporates provides proper protection, making it more difficult for the ISP to separate game traffic from standard packets. 

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