Samsung Galaxy Fold: what we like so far

Earlier this week, we received Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. After a few days of use and while waiting for our complete test, we now have more time to give you our opinion on this foldable smartphone.

What are the things we love about the Galaxy Fold?

The compactness of a smartphone, the comfort of a tablet

In use, the Galaxy Fold is incredible. Samsung’s product entirely convinces us. Its 7.3-inch screen offers the convenience of a small tablet while allowing a one-handed hold, for use when walking in the street. Two hands are even better. One holds the device; the other handles it. So, daily, we enjoy a high-quality screen.

The magic of the Fold? Its ability to fold and store. There is nothing more satisfying after 5-10 minutes of use in the subway than to fold down the flap of your device and put it in a pocket, what an incredible feeling to be in the future! Samsung has done it right; finally, a large screen easily transported.

Outstanding software

The Galaxy Fold operating system surprised us positively. Very quickly, two or three applications can be used simultaneously. Just move to the left from the right of the screen and select an app. This system seems to us ergonomic enough to be understandable even if not everyone can do it the first time. After a few manipulations, however, it becomes natural.

What we appreciate even more is continuity. When an application is used on the cover screen, and the device is unfolded, it is transferred there in a second. If you have set the reciprocity of this function for the application in question, closing the smartphone transfers the app to the cover screen in one second. Bluffing.

A robust design, but…

You have undoubtedly heard this week about the controversy over the broken screens of the Galaxy Fold. Indeed, several American journalists all broke their test copies at the same time. What happened? Is Samsung responsible? It is too early to say, even though we believe that these problems are mainly related to a communication error. The majority of them ripped off part of the screen, convinced that it was a protective film.

Let’s try to ignore this case for now. On our side, we are pleasantly surprised by the strength of the Galaxy Fold. Its quality of finish is remarkable, and the product is just magnificent. When closed, it is covered with Gorilla Glass 6 glass, which allows you to walk around in your pocket with complete peace of mind. When opened, the folding is done naturally, and the magnet holds the screens firmly. We feel reassured by the device, more than on the Huawei Mate X, which is only covered with plastic. We also tried to torture his screen by opening/unfolding it very quickly several times, without ever being worried. In short, we are somewhat confident about its solidity, even if we will still wait a few more weeks to give you a final verdict.